Anatolia Logistics Ltd. is a sister Company within Anatolia Group of Companies. It has started its life in 1992 as APPS Limited in order to facilitate Logistics services to Major Clients of Anatolia Shipping & Transport Ltd. Over the years it has involved in running an overland fleet as well as acting as an agent to Ship owners. In 2003 the shareholders of Anatolia Shipping and Transport Ltd have decided to cease trading and transfer the operations to APPS Ltd under the new name of Anatolia Logistics Ltd.

Anatolia Logistics Ltd has taken over the operations and the staff of Anatolia Shipping & Transport Ltd., thus enabling the continuity of 30 years of experience, in all modes of transport and Logistics with the knowledge of a specialized area.

ANATOLIA Logistics Ltd. is the only logistics company offering fully integrated services on an Internet based system called Freightmate and it gives the ultimate real time benefits to all parties involved. Customers can enjoy the benefits of fast, error free documentation and 24 hrs access to all their past and present jobs and documents, as well as being able to track their goods without the help of Transport operator. All our customers are able to obtain quotations, look at their account details, print their own freight invoices and documents at a touch of a button. All it requires is an internet connection, a user name and a password.

All the information in our system is secure and continuously backed up. All system users are only able to see, create, print or edit any information, within the authority defined by the system managers.This future proof system does not take away the human element of our operations. Whilst we enjoy the automation, we are also able to direct our human resources to provide the best possible service to our customers.
CONTACT Anatolia Logistics Ltd.
25 Alexandra Road Windsor BERKSHIRE SL4 1JH
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